1. So iv been reading up on some forums for the best way to get legendary reqs. All of which say grind out bronze reqs until all commons then silvers and then gold. Everytime I open a bronze I get no permanents so iv just been buying a bunch of silvers for...

  2. Hey everybody, I was just wondering what the population is like on halo reach. I'm thinking about getting back into it but if not many people play then idk it'll stink. Halo 5 is just to rng and I'm not liking it.

  3. Elite Honor Guard?

    Halo Wars 2 - Posted By BaNaNaxPower On

    Nice! Looks like my dreams came true :) hopefully we can make a huge army with them. Thank you :)

  4. Elite Honor Guard?

    Halo Wars 2 - Posted By BaNaNaxPower On

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone thinks they will bring either the Honor Guard back or make a special elite unit that wields energy swords. Or if you will only be allowed one elite sword hero unit.

  5. Yes. All MCC achievement based armors is still obtainable. And if your talking about the premium req pack. You get 2 a week for the next 7 weeks. This way it prevents warzone for being extremely pay to win Well i haven't gotten my first two unless...

  6. Hey guys im just wondering if Helioskrill is still obtainable or if you had to get it in the beta. If it still is then ill go for it now but i wont go beat halo 1-4 if i wont get the armor. Also why don't i have any warzone req packs that i bought on...