1. I have great connection. Multiplayer works fine. Every game I play works fine. But when I open up forge it loads then it freezes at the cursor and doesn't move. i spent hours on this. Fix this bug please! anyone else experience this? Any solutions...

  2. Could use 8 or more players for Warzone join up on thrashkillz' party. Let's do this. I will also be streaming Oat

  3. Playing some Warzone. Join my party @ thrashkillz. Taking this seriously. Let's wreck some people.

  4. Join The Sith! We're building up right now and we're always on. Looking for serious players. Yes, we're friendly and cool as -Yoink-. Add me @ thrashkillz

  5. Join up in my party. We're doing customs right no to practice but we'll end up doing arena in a bit.

  6. Looking for more serious players to practice with. Competitive players to party up with are much welcomed. Join The Sith (cause it sounds badass!) add thrashkillz! Lets do this! @ The Sith

  7. Join a Halo Clan

    Recruiting - Posted By Baze Trillian On

    Yo, guys! Join The Sith! Im always on. We're always playing and looking for more people to play with. We love Breakout but are pretty much down for anything with the right players. The Sith. Join!