1. Personally I respect the Grunts, they were the first species to learn Humanity's language (iirc) and despite appearances are generally intelligent, just stuck in a history of being pushed over constantly. Do hope they do well in the future.

  2. Personally, I have to say Halo 3: ODST

  3. Which faction?

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    Swords of Sanghelios, UNSC is good and all but ONI do some mad stuff. The Swords are trying to reunite their homeworld, a solid goal plus get to hang with Elites.

  4. Since thats one of the first in Halo series we really need this I prefer to see forerunners vs floods hype 100% That would be interesting to see as the Prometheans where originally designed to fight the flood. It's also a bit disappointing that...

  5. If the kind of Spartan is choosable, Spartan-IV just to avoid the brutality of earlier Spartans, otherwise ODST.

  6. Probably as a Field Technician. The Spartan me would assist with damaged tech, vehicle repairs on the field, etc.

  7. Where are you from?

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    Born and raised in Clacks, Scotland. Lived there my whole life.