1. Grenade master (name could be different this just came to mind) -kill three or more people with one grenade of any type. How about naming it Grenadier

  2. Is there a medal for sticking someone with a plasma while in a vehicle? Car Bomb- Kill somebody in a vehicle by sticking the vehicle with a plasma grenade.

  3. Detective: When you assassinate a spartan who's wearing active camo. It's Personal: When you single out and only kill one player at least 5 times on the other team...and no other player (excluding assists) for the entire game. Merry-go-round...

  4. "Knock your socks off" - kill an enemy by shooting them in the foot. "(Needs a name)" - survive a 2 on 1 by killing both enemies without missing a shot. How about something like High Noon, Dead-eye, or Doc Holliday.

  5. Energy sword kill on the back of a mongoose? I actually don’t know if that’s a thing or not. Jousting: Kill a player that has an energy sword with an energy sword while riding on the back of a mongoose.

  6. MVP: join late into a match and win after your team was down by at least fifteen kills. David and Goliath: kill a player who has a 39 player kill spree.