1. Yeah! And I wish the spawn kills would stop

  2. The hammer and sword I would say for now.

  3. There's only one Answer to this question... The Answer is literally "The Answer" lol. I see what you did there!

  4. Can’t wait! It’s gonna be epic

  5. Looking for a company. Not the best player ever, but been play for sometime. Just looking for a cool group!

  6. I Like 152 and I like Christmas! Best of both worlds!

  7. I remember the first time! I was in college. I was in a friends dorm. He was a pc gamer but had every console at the time. He had Halo CE I’m the ole Xbox. I turned it on. The next thing that happen led me down a dark road( late nights of playing...

  8. Linda VS Noble 6

    Halo Universe - Posted By BlueTeamSuck On

    It really depends on the situation and the environment. Noble Six’s skill sets are centered around working alone and heavily emphasize stealth (given his work and track record as an assassin). The question isn’t really who would win in a...