1. To run the ODST campaign in MCC, MCC must be booted up. This version does not have firefight. If you want to play ODST's firefight you will need to play the X360 game. Either on an Xbone or X360 console. Ah ok, thanks!

  2. Is halo ODST from Master Chief Collection able to run on its own in backward compatibility so you play the whole standalone game like firefight, etc?

  3. Will shotty snipers ever be brought back to social match making?

  4. Ah haven't actually played that one yet but ill give it a try thanks!

  5. I recommend that shotty snipers should be brought back in as a standard social gamemode as it was easily one of the best. Please bring it back 343!!!

  6. My game keeps on kicking me out of games randomly and its been happening so much that i got banned. It takes me to the title screen and say 'you left the fireteam' but i wasn't even in one to start with. Also with warzone it will randomly...