1. Yesterday I got kicked out a lot and got banned for about 2 hours because of that. Not funny :/

  2. So basically there's no other solution than give more balance to the req points system? Man, that's so disappointing.

  3. I mean, this happens a lot in warzone and it´s very annoying when your team is losing by more or less 100 points and suddenly everybody just quit the game and you're left with only the half of the team and no opportunity to comeback. After that...

  4. Req Packs

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    I saved 120k for the Reach pack but I could not get it, so I ended up buying a lot of silver packs, no regrets so far.

  5. I play more infection because I can get more REQ point in less time, at least that's what it seems.

  6. I prefer H5, although I haven't played H4 multiplayer that much, I just did it a few times in The Master Chief Collection

  7. I just wonder, what are the stats useful for? What do you get if they're good or bad? Do they make you win instantly any game or something? In my opinion, they're not important if you cannot win aganist other player even when your stats are...

  8. Hi guys, I wonder if the content of this and some other packs is still available by buying silver/golden packs. By the time I saved enough REQ points to get the Reach pack, it was not available anymore. I really wanted a Halo Reach armor so I'd...