1. Garbage Gamerz

    Recruiting - Posted By C000KIE MUNSTER On

    Hey y’all I just started up a new Spartan company called Garbage Gamerz looking for people to possibly join to start getting those awards! Nothing too fancy just looking for people to play and have fun! Thanks.

  2. Thanks too everyone for the cool responses! Haven’t been on waypoint this week. Love all the halo community and fans of it see y’all on the battle field!

  3. I just don't want it to be too much like Destiny (or any live service game for that matter). As for anything else, I hope it'll feel good to play - I think it will. Some cool new locations, what with the new ring being so mysterious, would be the...

  4. What’s everyone looking forward too in halo infinite it can be good or bad. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are about it.

  5. So beautiful