1. Battle Rifle or DMR

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    Ever since reach the dmr has been bae. Precise and harder hitting than the br. Plus the odst weapon of choice in reach.

  2. Funny, never knew. So Swat and ffa are easy to get a high rank in. Arena and slayer is where you want to be good at. You could argue that one Playlist takes more skill than the other but competitively yeah slayer is more common.

  3. So since I hit above 1600 in swat I have beenchallenging myself in different ways. My two favorite are using only one shot or burst to kill an opponent. If I miss I die. Another way, especially in swatnums, is to empty the mag until I only have one...

  4. It's basically a separate division from the other ranks and the higher your life score like 1800 or whatever idk how high it goes, then the better rank you have.

  5. So I for one am a little disappointed in the system for onyx ranked teams. For the past 4 swat matches I have went from 1589 onyx to 1500 because I had 2 or 3 unraked or gold members on my team who went 7 and 12. Ito frustrating to say the least and Im...