1. Servers down?

    Halo: Reach - Posted By CauseFilth On

    ^That would require 343i to actually care about their community... Quote exists for a reason. Anyway it's been down for a while now. Kinda sucks since I wanna play reach and now I have to play 4, which is ironic since its a 343i game, and more...

  2. Halo Waypoint Armour

    Halo: Reach - Posted By CauseFilth On

    It is, I just got some armor not to long ago actually.

  3. Halo Waypoint Armour

    Halo: Reach - Posted By CauseFilth On

    Am i reading this right? You have to have a 360 to access the right part if waypoint to get the armor? Its not possible on this site or xbox one? I'm pretty sure yeah, I never use my Xbox one anymore so I don't know 100%. Doesn't hurt to...

  4. Well, if you want the glitch to be fixed, you're really gonna need to describe it...

  5. Halo Waypoint Armour

    Halo: Reach - Posted By CauseFilth On

    Yes you can still unlock them in Reach by gaining certain achievements from Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST and REACH ^^This, and if I remember correctly some of them require you to be a certain level on the halo waypoint app on xbox 360 so you need waypoint as well...

  6. Griffball isn't fun. Not anymore at least. Not only does the other team spawncampkill you, so does your team because "dae xd I ruin the experience for everyone because I don't have anything else to do XD" because you accidentally kill...

  7. Players for Reach

    Halo: Reach - Posted By CauseFilth On

    AW hell yeah my dude Thankfully it's thanksgiving weekend in Canada so I have a 4 day weekend. I'll message ya tmmrw.

  8. AW hell yeah my dude just add my GT whixh is the same as my fourm name and we can play on thursday maybe because I have no school on Friday

  9. I play it on 360 quite a lot, I'm even doing it right now! Just send me a friends request at my gt which is causefilth.

  10. Halo 4 population

    Halo 4 - Posted By CauseFilth On

    Roughly its around 1000-1200. Not as much as other games but it's playable and still more than halo 3s current population :^(