1. Can someone please explain this garbage ranking system. I have a 82% win rate with like 400 games played and a 4.0kd. Every game I play solo or not I’m only getting 1 csr. I am 1570 and I’m so sick of playing 100 games to get anything to lost...

  2. OK so I finished a game before the servers crashed and I unlocked "forerunner power weapen mastery" and the "binary rife" packs. Now that the servers are up they are not there anymore. So does this mean I will never get the emblems...

  3. Anyone know how much longer its going to be? It went down for me around 1pm and its still down. Any ideas what's really going on?

  4. Alright thanks. I was just making sure it wasn't me this time lol

  5. Every time I sign in from the main menu its saying something about can't sync my data and gives me a temporary name. Also not allowing me to playing match making. Anyone else having these problems.