1. Glitch?

    Halo Wars Series Support - Posted By Chig On

    Those are the only matchmaking hoppers available on Windows 10 at the time.

  2. If you run into this issue again, I've found that minimizing the game window and re-opening fixed it for me.

  3. I actually hope that MLG setting stay as close vanilla Halo 4 as possible. Leave all of the weapons, loadouts, specializations, weapon drops, etc. Just take off radar. It'll still be good, and it'll will bridge the gap between competitive...

  4. If you live even remotely close Dallas, you should come out and support Halo 4! What person wouldn't want to play the game before it's released!? The bracket is open to 200+ teams, come have some fun. -Chig

  5. is co-op Spartan Ops on xbox live going to be screen laggy for everyone like co-op firefight and campaign were in Halo: Reach? if you know what I mean

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  7. I know I speak for every MLG pro in saying that this needs to happen! It'll bring Halo back!