1. Currently There are 4 games that have infection in the mcc. Reach,Halo 2 anniversary, halo 3 and 4. You may know how bad halo 4's infection is and how good halo reach deals with infection. Halo 3 had a decent infection with some issues, one of them...

  2. The Onyx Visor is on the final page of the Season 3 rewards, I believe. And since the Shadow Visor is an animated visor in Season 6, I'm sure it is different enough from the Onyx Visor, even if the preview (that is not animated) in the season pass...

  3. Ok, where is the onyx visor. The shadow visor is meant to be like the onyx but then what is the point of releasing an onyx visor in the first place

  4. Good Memories

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Corn9417 On

    Goodbye halo 3, goodbye halo reach, loved you both

  5. MCC seasons worst to best for me 5.Season 2(So many useless items that don't even look good) 4.Season 4(better but nothing new other than skins) 3.Season 3(season 4 but better) 2.Season 1(This season had tons of new cosmetics but the grind was awful...

  6. In My Opinion, they should have a season for Halo 2A. The only 2 new armor sets don't look good in my opinion and they should add more. Not to mention the colossal failure that is the multi-player, its simply just halo 4 without sprint and has...

  7. Halo MCC season 5 was overall a great season. They fixed major bugs, and although I'm not a fan of the new halo 3 helmets I'm glad I have them, and I'm exited foe the news maps for season 6

  8. Mark V?

    Halo Infinite - Posted By Corn9417 On

    My Main Question about customization is how the mark v will look like, will we get some type of halo 3 mark 5, a halo reach mark v? Heck even a halo 4 mark v which I hope isn't the case. I just wanna know what route they will take.