1. Meh, its not hard to unlock anyway, just did it myself.

  2. Thanks got it:)

  3. Could you send link? Idk where to send message, never joined clan before, first time, lol.

  4. I would like to join a clan in general, want to get out there and have some fun and meet new people. My play schedule will definitely be effected whether I'm working or not that day, but if there is anything I have to do to join just let me know...

  5. What is the clan about, what will we do? Just curious, but interested.

  6. Halo CE LASO

    Recruiting - Posted By CrescentNinja61 On

    Hey everyone, looking for someone to do Halo Combat Evolved LASO with me. Can play on Steam or Xbox One. I would prefer someone who has knowledge of both Legendary and Skulls, as well as skips for levels. Needs mic as well for communication. I am...

  7. Join a Halo Clan

    Recruiting - Posted By CrescentNinja61 On

    Hey everyone my gamertag is CrescentNinja61. I have been playing Halo for nearly a decade. I have beaten nearly all of the Halo games on Legendary at least once and consider myself a fairly good player at least on the campaign side. Not very good at...

  8. Seriously I really hope when Halo 2 Anniversary comes to PC that it gets fixed, it is really getting in the way of my OCD.

  9. Can confirm still on 4/11, must have tried dozens of times yesterday and today, I'm happy its not just me. I mean I'm even playing on easy, so Idk. Can anyone confirm it works on Xbox One? I unlocked it on Halo CEA but can't on Halo MCC, it...