1. I feel that it fits well with how first person shooters have come about to this date. H5 isn't on the top of my list. That mantle goes to HCE and Reach

  2. I definitely prefer Reach's version over 5's variant. I always liked the helmet in general with the overall look and the idea behind it.

  3. Thank you for this lovely care package. It all looks great. :D

  4. I definitely miss the Bubble shield and power drain. Both would help in tricky situations, and it was always fun throwing a power drain into a man cannon no matter what level. :)

  5. Still no word on Reach? I joined the Insider program for testing Reach. I haven’t heard anything about yet. I thought that testing was going to begin in April or May. We’re more than halfway through May. It would be nice to hear something. I...

  6. Sergeant Johnson

    Halo Infinite - Posted By CrimsonRyuuX On

    Disagree...just bring him back as AI if they have to. At the very least be interesting to have him as a multiplayer only voice pack or a custom non-canon option character in campaign/firefight. I was thinking the same thing too. They could end up doing a...

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