1. what is this?! It's a thread to get support for matchmaking bans in Halo Reach, as described in the topic title and first post oh ok thanks for thanks info.

  2. halo 3 was the best halo game because of the story was amazing.

  3. I would get an Xbox one x not just to play halo in 4k but play halo 6 and i can play halo with my brother

  4. i think there should be armor effects in future halo games but different like the visors chould havd some effects on them same goes go the weapons.

  5. Well Emile can tell some things about you like how long you been playing halo and what playlist you are good at and have you been any other clans ok.

  6. Join the 720s a UNSC ,ODST ,forge , and forruner clan. The clan dose raids , meeting ,traing and the ranking system is based of halo reach's but when ranking you can the option of becoming an odst or a spartan. The 720s is kid friendly and active...