1. New guy for 3v3.

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Cuddly Predator On

    add me: Cuddly Predator

  2. I bought the limited edition for £60 off of amazon. The standard edition was £40. So, for £20 more I received; a war games map pack pass, a 90 minute extended edition of FUD, early access to specializations, avatar crap, emblems, an...

  3. I'm interested but i don't know if you'll let me in because i'm mythic. Also how old are you?

  4. I know i'm really late but if you still need someone I would be glad to help. I'm mythic and have most armour pieces.

  5. My friends and I are looking for some experienced players who are prepared to use teamwork, to join our clan, Total Massacre. We mainly play Big Team Battle and want to try and make a full team of 8 we can consistently play with(we will obviously recruit...