1. its all in spanish for me, and i live in the netherlands.

  2. and yes i redeemed all the codes, becouse before this problem i saw the other specs :/

  3. i live in the netherlands ;)

  4. i have bought the limited edition, and limited edition console on release. since today i only can choose between 2 specializations. and just today i reached lvl 60 to get my second spec. but now it only shows operator and wetwork.... whats wrong?

  5. nothing in the netherlands? cant wait to blast my foes on the map pack but now i have to wait. i will be using my irl sadface until its online :(. gl on fixing ;)

  6. red X needs to return !!!

  7. some things i agree, but the lagg is your own fault.

  8. i liked the halo 3 Ranking because we had a skill based ranking. if you won you can progress your level, if you lose a match you can lose a level. i hope they bring something like this back in a patch or something