1. A few questions

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    The halo reach armor will come to halo reach on the mcc Dunka.

  2. A few questions

    Other Support - Posted By DCH06 Live On

    So here are my questions: Number 1: will the Reach armor start showing again seeing as it's coming to PC Number 2: My Halo 4 Campaign (original Xbox 360 version second hand from EB games) it says "Players failed to load a player may be...

  3. Okay, thank you, everyone!

  4. Hey OP, I'm afraid that the rendering of Reach Spartans on halo Waypoint was discontinued a number of years ago. The only place you can check your armour now in in-game Okay, thank you! Do you know any other sites I could check it on if so please...

  5. Thank you, but I feel like it's not showing my armor in the game either. :(

  6. My halo reach armor which costs 25000+ credits is showing nowhere on armor viewing sites any reason why this might be? Any help would be greatly usful!

  7. And some Waypoint codes to get bonus things like Raider, 1k Emblem Wiseguy Emblem, etc, you do need meet certain requirements, but some codes you don't need Requirements. Example, Orbital Swift armor and some others, codes you can on YouTube or...

  8. Well you will need to put halo waypoint on your Xbox 360 it has to be on a 360 and get the codes from youtube they are forerunner letters in halo waypoint when ion the main menu you hit X on your controller then hit it again then put in the codes, Ps...