1. Lots of people want battle Royale in Halo Infinite I respect this idea but if they do it, it will bit them in the -Yoink- like COD infinite warfare and advanced movement cause it’s repeating what they did in H4 to copy someone else’s idea and...

  2. I feel most of us are on the same page when we say we want the tradition halo format to come back, Its kinds like windows Xp and 7 ... people loved those Operating Systems for a long time until Windows 8 came out making it the least favored OS. Until...

  3. I really want Halo to return to it's roots and takes away sprint it's too much like COD and i love halo 3 multiplayer and i want that

  4. I’ve heard that it might be an open world game I’m excited for it but I’m scared of a lot of things like how the weapon system will work cause in destiny you have three weapons and that’s not the problem it’s that the...

  5. Weapons?

    Halo Infinite - Posted By DaGangsta033 On

    I want some oni weapon variations like a assault rifle magnum and sniper rifle

  6. I've Heard that the game will come out with out multiplayer. If so I hope this Halo's Campaign is 1st long 2nd classic. Like 20 missions long.