1. Make sure your security settings are set to adult, it worked for me

  2. Same for me. I also never have the option to spectate my friends

  3. I am having other issues with the game. 1) There is never an option to spectate my friends play 2) The game doesn't let me save game variants. It keeps saying "Error encountered while saving" Anybody have a fix for this?

  4. I still can't even get into a match. You're lucky, mate

  5. sharingan emblem

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Datrix V On

    look up how to get the oni emblem and then toggle the shape... it is what i use. (it is not exact but is close and i think that it is cool.

  6. Stomping a vehicle will show 2 kills for your stats but is only 1 kill towards the achievement.

  7. Sometimes, service record is blank... what do I do?