1. The true issue is that slayer is ranked by wins and losses and not k/d. You should not be penalized if you have bad teammates.

  2. The sounds are actually one of the best of the franchise. You, along with a small group of people, are just salty and like to complain.

  3. Lol ruined? Quite a stretch. It is not bad, you just have to learn how to utilize it.

  4. Totally agree on how 343 did an amazing job

  5. I agree. If the exact game was published by Bungie, people would not complain. People just want to hate on 343 to hate when this is one of the best Halo games in the franchise

  6. Does Halo 5 suck?

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    Halo 5 is honestly on of the best halo games ever when it comes down to fluidity of combat. I love this Halo more than most other ones (which says a lot). Campaign's graphics were beautiful and the community has seemed to come back together after a...