1. I agree with adding this service record to Halo Waypoint 343! I understand this may be a difficult task but it would be much appreciated from a long time halo fan.

  2. Did you spend all $56 to beat the game or did you have more money left over after beating it?

  3. How much money do you think you averaged over your three play throughs? Just curious how much I'm looking at investing to complete the game lol.

  4. I wouldn't mind as I am trying to get 100% in Halo5 as I am an achievement fiend. Add me and I am usually on around the same time that you are on as well but usually 9PM central time.

  5. I can help with these and need all the co-op achievements as well. Add me and we can try to link up. I usually am on around 9PM central time and play until 10:30.

  6. Would you mind helping me with the co-op achievements? I will gladly help with any you need but I likely need them as well as I haven't played co-op in this game with anyone yet. :( I appreciate your help and time.

  7. Halo Reach as well as Halo 3 IMO.

  8. This place needs some positive vibes. I am loving the Master Chief Collection so far. I love the 1080p, 60fps goodness. I have always preferred the challenge of Heroic or Legendary campaign, scoring and speedrunning, to the xXx360NoScopeMLGxXx infested...

  9. I too remember being better than what I am playing now but then again. I haven't played H2 since the original xbox which I long ago played. Hopefully it's like riding a bike as others have alluded to.

  10. Squad DLC needs the ratio of Slayer options toned down and invasion/objective games increased. For two reasons, CHANGE from the monotony of slayer and achievements.