1. What if 343 and Nintendo teamed up to make a N64 007 Goldeneye 25th anniversary remake running the Halo engine and remastering the original and all its maps. It would be available and xbox and wii i guess. With split screen and online multi player.

  2. Part of any team game is knowing your opponent and preparation. As a high Plat/ low Diamond guy, i've had games lately playing against high Diamonds and even some Onyx/Champ players. Then the next game it will be Gold and Plats. You should always fly...

  3. Halo 2 BR starts, and feature new community maps.

  4. Or we could just remove you, problem solved.

  5. Who the YOINK thought it was a good idea to but a Ghost on a ranked Slayer map? This is garbage. Edit: In all honesty, who thought this was remotely a good idea? Slayer is already full of enough cheese ways to die. Were y’all sitting around in a...