1. I was playing a match with no lag at all, and suddenly my screen goes to the load screen and I am kicked from the match. Because of this 343 banned me for 10 minutes.... Like really? Fix your servers please.

  2. I must say I am still waiting for action sack!! They brought back fiesta, but where is my husky raid?

  3. Sprint has actually made some of my friends I played with in other halos leave the game entirely. I guess the games evolve to bring in new players, but I feel like the changes shouldn't be a reason for people to leave as well.

  4. I agree with your frustrations 100%!! Because of people quitting I have been ranked lower than I feel like I deserve almost everytime. Maybe that's what I get for solo queuing.

  5. I had not had this problem until the most August rank reset...hope this gets fixed

  6. Yeah I played two days ago with an all-time top CSR of diamond 1, and then today my all-time CSR says unranked? I know the ranks reset for the August season, but I should not have gotten my all-time top CSR reset as well. Does anyone have any idea what...