1. i have the old build of the insider. I have xbox insider hub but i do not see the new mcc flight... I don't understand, did i just not get invited? That would be silly, i've been an insider and i've played a lot of reach.

  2. I applied for the MCC insider program but didn't get invited? Says I'd get invited but it's not in my insider hub.. I play MCC more than most people but I can't play it.

  3. I do play Halo 3 as well and my YT is L'Abbée Link to channel: I hope to see you around on some of my vids :)

  4. I have had a Halo channel on YT for some time with nearly 300 subscribers. I'm branching out to those who watch them or want to be featured in a montage/Halo video with good editing. I'm working on my next upcoming montage that releases...