1. Ive been watching everything halo XD

  2. Patch is live!

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By Edgy Senpai On


  3. I totally agreed wkth you there

  4. Oh man i think im going to be sick all next week

  5. Ok so i cant not pick some colours i have purple and blue with the legendary visor can any one help me?

  6. Im from Europe so im not -Yoinking!- getting one -.-

  7. All of you American -Yoinks!- need to shut the -Yoink- up about getting their code -.-

  8. Ok so if Europe are not getting it when are we going to get it ?

  9. Im sorry this is -Yoinking!- -Yoink- why do we not get the code why would they only let the US get its unfair ;(

  10. So are players in the Uk getting it or not?