1. So Far Has there been any info on when Halo:Reach will be added to MCC. I honestly am hyped for it. I think they mentioned it at the E3 conference but im not sure. Anyone have any info on that?

  2. Elites: because we had them before. Grunts,jackals,Marines/odsts, and flood. For the grunts and jackals i have the idea that it could be on that duck hunt custom game with grunts running around and the jackal sniping them. Marines and flood well that...

  3. Halo Infinite question

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    Most likley, the plot seems to be pointing that way anyway. Plus it'd be a good excuse to bring back the flood to the mainline games.

  4. Tartarus Vs. Atriox

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    They are supposed to be doing the flights some time this month if they havent started already. Also on the first flights few people will actually be in on it as far as i know.

  6. Try and load another game or app and then return to Halo 5, this has worked for me.

  7. Try loading up another game or app and then Load Halo 5, that has worked for me.Hope this helped anyone