1. It would be great to get an official eye on this while the backwards compatibility team are around and working in that area; yesterday's community update mentions: File Fixin' – Good news, Halo 3 Fileshare functionality is back online and...

  2. It's like no one from the Halo team or 343 Industries reads these forum posts on HaloWaypoint. It's October of 2017 and no update from them. :(

  3. Same thing here. I've tried so many times in so many different ways and nothing! It's October and still there's no fix.

  4. Any update on this issue yet? It needs a fix, ASAP!

  5. WHY

    Halo: Reach - Posted By EuphoricRebel On

    Same thing here. I even can't get the achievement 'A Storage Solution'. :(

  6. Campaign

    Halo: Reach - Posted By EuphoricRebel On

    I'm down.

  7. This needs to be fixed, ASAP! Please, help 343 industries!