1. I’m just playing halo like usual I started getting lag I fell of the map due to stupid lag which a side note I had been playing many other games beforehand no issue and then I get banned, I have also been banned for lagging out of the game which...

  2. I was suggesting that because they disable tanks and do hella ton of damage as well as eat the rounds so it’s just stupid

  3. Now, I know there is a similar thread to this but I’m just bringing this up in its own post. Personally there are some boss fights that should be tweaked. Like I understand it’s meant to be difficult but 2 super tanky knights and 3 bullet...

  4. Please fix this and give everyone their packs

  5. Same the heck is up Microsoft and 343

  6. Custom Browser is weird for me to the form where whenever I finish the Custom game it crashes and I have to restart. If anyone else has this issue and it’s on XBOX ONE S then this must be a bug for the single console elsewise it would be just a...

  7. I suffer this every custom game I play

  8. Please make Alpha Zombies a seperate game as many people like me dislike trying to enjoy some infection then landing in a Alpha Zombies lobby. If this is done that would be amazing, like and comment if you agree.

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