1. Starting weapon ideas Starting weapons are fine. The current BR allows for more skilled players to be rewarded at farther distance. The AR makes for a great secondary weapon, balancing short- and mid-range. For those that enjoy other weapons, or...

  2. This is still happening to me. They already fixed this, just like I said before - it's your remote. Also, not only did you necro one post, but you necroed two posts that discussed the same thing. If the issue still persists, is it not worth...

  3. This is still happening to me.

  4. This is still happening for me.

  5. It would be really nice if, after unlocking an item, such as an emblem, it still told you what you did to unlock it. Also, it would be nice to be able to join into a friend's, currently in session, custom game. -Anthony

  6. I am excited for Halo 4. I feel 343 will do a great job taking over the reigns, and quite possibly, a better job. Best of luck guys, and thanks for keeping it going. GET YOUR HALO ON!