1. CO-OP Legendary

    Recruiting - Posted By FORT SUMTER On

    I'd be down for it. but I'd have to do it later tonight after 10pm or friday after 2pm pst for both.

  2. Basically what everyone else here said. shoot the gold shoulder joints for their tiny arms, its usually one or two shots with a dmr or br if you hit right on it. then the weak point is the face and back, where you'll see a huge glowing orb. Kind of...

  3. I don't know if I'm experiencing the same thing. What exactly is wrong? Is it difficult to aim or what? no sarcasm I'm just not seeing a problem myself. Haven't played as much as you but played enough to notice any aiming problems...

  4. What do you think of the wildcat armor, its my favorite so far. Don't know what the helmet looks like though.

  5. Sign me up, this is going to be awesome!