1. I would like to re-enlist in the Fleet

  2. Also to let people we are actively looking for people with experience creating Youtube Videos. If you have that talent we hope that you may consider helping us produce more videos to promote the Fleet!

  3. Things are going to be so epic once we can start playing as a clan on Halo 5!

  4. I run up and push Bob off the Hill I am the King of the Hill

  5. Thank you Bob and Moa for a fun gamenight

  6. Well our site has underwent some major updates toward ease of use.

  7. Bob says you can always join if you wish to. And he also thanks you for the activity you driving to our humble embassy here on the Waypoint.

  8. Throw me in as a maybe then

  9. You are always welcome. Our Empire has expanded to the point that the occasional no to our recruitment efforts will not hinder our expansion. Have a wonderful day though. Also as of today the creation of the Separatist Alliance has been formed. This is...

  10. The Sith Empire has recently expanded and are close to reaching our one year Anniversary. Our goal is to reach over a hundred members by that day and if you join our clan you can make that dream come true. That day will be July 30th and we will always...