1. Voice chat

    Halo Wars Series - Posted By FingerlessScot On

    Still cant voice chat in Halo Wars 2, Microsoft Support just ignores you. Do any players use it or use Discord for Team Games. Its a pity there are no replays to get tips on Building some players have a Scarab in a few minutes.

  2. I use Halo Wars 2 on X Box Pass for the PC i did buy Awakening the Nightmare, i dont know how long the Halo Wars 2 will be free on the site to play. Just what do you get with the complete edition, do you get all the Commanders must are locked here.

  3. Many thanks it did not work no one in the game will answer me, i dont think many use voice chat or any kind of chat, thanks for taking the time to reply.

  4. Cant seem to get my Mic to work in Halo Wars 2 it has the crossed out icon on your ID any tips or ideas it seems to work in other games.