1. Well, I could play a JIP game where I'm already losing and not have fun OR go to the Commonwealth and smash in a Super Mutant's face with a giant hammer and have fun. Hm, tough call, but if you want to be hilariously self-righteous about quitting...

  2. there are 3 legendary reqs, one is a gauss turret variant, one is classified(could be it), and one is an assassination(?) I hope it's Jorge's gun not a Gauss current variant

  3. Well its a warzone single use card and its not a mythic only weapons can be mythic so i believe that thats the falcon + i believe that the legendary mythic is jorges chain gun if you look closely The phaeton and I think Hannibal's are mythic

  4. You'll eventually get better stuff, but it's not going to instantly flip over into all Legendary unlocks once you've completed the Silver REQ packs. It takes some time. Sometimes you'll get lucky, but don't expect every pack to be...

  5. I have finished my silver and bronze packs but I don't have some emblems that I'm sure arent commendations and dmr extended Mag while is what I want. Can someone help me?