1. Almost 70,000 in Urban Mythic difficulty

  2. Its raw thrills and play mechanix........, of course its impossible to 1 credit clear. If you survive long enough a grunt can take out your entire life bar.

  3. I just got SR152 am I the 1211th person?

  4. What do you guys think? Has anyone come up with idea? A copy and paste of warzone except the fireteam limit restriction is set to 1 to avoid fighting against a coordinated team of tryhards?

  5. Okay first of all , what map and round.........................

  6. For the free phaeton in raid on apex, as long the boss soldier is alive for the first 30 sec (or more) of spawning, a phaeton will spawn. Beware, if the soldier boss dies then the phaeton will be destroyed along with you in it.

  7. I played a lot of warzone last weekend, maybe like 15 hours+ idk I lost track of time. But I had lots of fun

  8. Dear 343i, So I just finished losing on Legendary Warzone Firefight on Escape from Arc. (Round 4 defending 2 forerunner cores from covey) and all I have to say is please lower the damage on those phantom turrets because they already destroyed 2 of my...

  9. That was a preview