1. Apparently, the first Xbox wasn't good enough to be the "first", but maybe the Xbox One isn't the best first either. So maybe we will see an "Xbox 1" instead.

  2. I think that a halo movie would be amazing, but the issue with a lot of movies that come after games or even shows can be horrendous. It would definitely be interesting none the less!

  3. Cant wait!

  4. Brigadier offline, Colonel after making an Xbox Live account. As I don't walk away from games just because they aren't relevant anymore, though, I'm still playing. I sold my Xbox about a year ago, I know the community still thrives I was just...

  5. I got to Brigadier Grade 2 Your profile said you have General, not General Grade 2 Maybe it was only General, I didn't know I could check :P

  6. Just signed up for the flighting of the Halo on PC. I am stoked to see reach make a comeback. On the topic of reach what level did you guys get too before putting down the game? I got to General Grade I