1. Twelve more days until the event!

  2. Just letting the community know that PennHalo has a Discord for people to stay connected with the community. Stay updated for the 2v2 Autumn Assault that’s happening on October 26th and future events!

  3. Three passes sold so far! Let’s make this event enjoyable and memorable!

  4. Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a good day. PennHalo is hosting a 2v2 Halo Three tournament in Pennsylvania on October 26th. I will be helping them staff it. The tournament prize money is 1,000 dollars guaranteed. 600 for first place...

  5. Hey guys, name is Giambro. Just recently coming back to Halo and just picked up the Xbox controller two weeks ago. I am a ex competitive player from 2008-2011. I am currently a staff member for Philly eSports and used to help NJHalo with their set ups...