1. i think about 5 to test everything first fl: compatibility test secondfl: firefight thirdfl: multyplayer fourth: more campaine fifth : some general stress tests and mabye launch after but only time will tell i guess

  2. i guess they could force default shaders when u play ranked or allow total access to shaders on ranked and then its no longer a cheat if everyone can use it

  3. we can but only wait and have patients and then 343 will deliver

  4. Flight 2 Hype

    Halo Insider - Posted By Gonme chompsky On

    im so hyped for the next flight and i can only wish to be invited but honestly i just hope everything goes well over there at 343

  5. they are doing the MCC reach pc demo in E3, so they will probably launch flights a few days after E3. reason being so they can fix problems that might have occured during E3 play testing. So i would probably expect to see them launching somewhat between...

  6. get your fill of halo content on youtube from all the halo channels

  7. daily check up cant hurt can it

  8. mouse and keyboard are now my primary's but ive always loved 360 controllers

  9. Thanks this will be my new background

  10. The question is what am not excited about, im just looking forward testing it all. So its a good timing having them do the flights in like a month or so from now. im gonna have lots of time on my hands with the exams being over and it becoming the summer...