1. Can we please add BTB SLAYER ONLY to the playlist or at least a voting system to choose the game types we play like the old halos used to have. I'm tired I'm getting bulshit gametypes BTB is not the same no more it got boring we need a voting...

  2. Game keeps freezing and crashing cannot finish a game really frustrating when you disconnect mid battle any solutions please let me know because I haven't got it.

  3. Dude the lag is unbearable. I played starcraft 2 just to make sure my connection isn't the problem, that game works like butter. Halo Wars 2's network performance makes question what did Creative Assemble really tested and learnt from the Betas...

  4. They need to fix d/c and lag/lattency as first.(there busy with it for a week now.Even grey goo hade better/faster support). This is what really kills the game. Ladder balance etc could wait another week,but the lag and d/c´s giving me really a headache...

  5. Most of the games you play you always get disconnected from servers I'm not the only one who this happens too. Is there anything that can be done it's f***** annoying when you are in a intense battle and you randomly disconnect from battle.

  6. I agree but I prefer more slayer though at least give us a choice to choose what game type to play before the game starts.

  7. We need a BTB slayer only matching enough said I'm tired of getting objectives all the time or at least be able to vote for the game type like they used to have it.

  8. Fix the radar motion it sucks now might as well make all gametypes MLG the motion sensor don't even work and add BIG TEAM BATTLE already warzone is boring the objectives get repetitive add big team slayer please?

  9. I agree with you when is Big Team Battle going to be on the playlist the WARZONE is getting boring now don't really care for objectives rather just play slayer.