1. Love the art! Thanks!

  2. Personally, I think any video is about telling the story. Even a montage. So I say goes with whatever tells your story the best. Could not have said it better myself! It's important to have a goal whit the montage! I think super fiesta can be cool!

  3. Hi. Thought to share some of the Halo collection I have gathered over time! I do not know if it is possible to add picture but I will share a link to some of my collection! I hope this is fine under community creations! Thanks...

  4. Dr.Halsey and Captein keys got a daughter. So yes!

  5. I would take away armor abilitys and add playable elites in Multiplayer!

  6. My main goal is to get the Emile Armor befor Halo 6 💥

  7. I am getting the Halo 6 Xbox One X Edition if there will be one.