1. I haven't ever been able to connect to them. Not once since launch. Cant even play the game I bought.

  2. Its a definitely a problem on their end. It seems like we have all tried everything we can to help.

  3. I have this exact problem!

  4. Also had the same problem/error message .. I was able to play campaign though; seems different people are having similarly different issues, so hopefully they'll have ALL the bugs worked out by the end of the week. but so far, yeah, they have failed...

  5. Install?

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By HANDLEY187 On

    Hey could any of you peeps help with my problem too? My thread is this one: Thanks...

  6. I have the same problem if you manage to find a way to fix it please let me know i'll do the same for you but at this rate nothing i seem to come up with helps Its beyond Frustrating. Will do.

  7. It seems halo 5 is having problems syncing my profile at the main menu. This seems to stop me from accessing any online features at all. None. Nada. "Oh...not even...?" No. Nothing. It comes up with an unhelpful message, saying absolutely...