1. I wonder what beauty product he's been using on his skin though... It's the hat man. The hat! Here. I made this for everyone:

  2. Some say it's the cryo-sleep. Others say it's just the angle, or even the lighting. We all know it's the hat. I really want one too* Like... it's a really really good hat. It makes him look younger... ...less 'brutish'. *A high...

  3. I can totally relate. I got mine on Saturday.

  4. Make fiesta a permanent playlist honestly it's just way to much fun not to be a social option it let's you work on your skills with a diverse amount of weapons Please...... I support this statement. The random element makes one just appreciate...

  5. HALO CEA in FORZA 4

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Habadah On

    Hi folks. We all know that the Warthog is a neat little easter egg in the Turn 10 Studio's game Forza Motosport 4. (click here to see the Jeremey Clarkson video) Forza 4 | Chupathingy...

  6. Oh glitches... or secret campaign challenge??? ... At least it got me off my console to visit the website. :)

  7. He didn't just get in my face - HE GOT INSIDE MY FACE!