1. inv me if you wanna play. GT: xQaa

  2. Anyone have octagon for H3 or H2A?

  3. Same,looking for good teammates! add Genetic Synful

  4. tired of playing with randoms. add me Genetic Synful

  5. Just starting playing Halo 2A and seem to always get bad teammates. Add or inv me if you want to party up. gamertag= Genetic Synful

  6. Startong h3 customs lobby,leave gt here or add Genetic Synful for inv.

  7. Starting Custom Lobby

    Recruiting - Posted By Havical On

    Genetic Synful

  8. Gamertag: Genetic Synful

  9. anybody wanna run customs? inv me Genetic Synful

  10. MCC customs.

    Recruiting - Posted By Havical On

    I'll play anything inv me Genetic Synful