1. I need Halo 3 Anniversary!! Make it maybe after Halo 6 or something

  2. Ideas for Halo 6?

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    I was wondering what should be in Halo 6 since it's really mysterious lately. Halo 5 to me was a big success but it did have it's cons so i want to know what should the Game of the century be like.

  3. Oh but then in Halo 3 Humanity was on the verge of exention so now we the only planet we have now is Earth and maybe Mars so the population is probably now 1 to 2 billion people

  4. Also to the age thingie. The average life span of People in B.C times were like 800 years old now the average is 86 years, but yet again the average in the Early A.D times it was about 50 someth'in now in the Early 19 to 20th century we have the tech...

  5. 38 Billion is a big number so i think that is correct, Since we have 800 human controlled planets that means more terrorists and more war and on top of that we are fighting forruners, factons of covenant, and Flood. Im surprised that we have 38 Billion...

  6. I have a Halo reach game that comes with a free dlc for the Recon helmet so I was thought is would be cool to have so I redeemed the code and got the helmet but after I got the Hemet I was sent back like 3 ranks and my helmets I unlocked were locked...