1. Both are good but are designed for different purposes, the Grav. hammer is good for multiple targets or a radial blast but is kinda slow. The sword is good for fast precise attacks but is not too good at multiple enemies

  2. Try and get some friends, controllers and time and play on multiplayer it’s a lot easier.

  3. BR vs DMR, it depends on the situation

  4. The relationship between chief and cortana was great, truely amazing. A story worth telling, but after cortana saved chief at the end I nearly cried. And I’ve seen a lot of clips about halo 5 and something is a bit off about cortana. To be honest I...

  5. Flood Spartan

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Helljumper001 On

    I like the design as well, it looks kind of bad -Yoink- and that claw arm is awesome. The thruster pack is a bit op but otherwise it’s pretty cool.

  6. But they are both good in different situations

  7. BR is better because of the damage per round ratio