1. The servers have been pretty pants lately (not loading up req points, no post match stats) and I think it was affecting my overall gameplay as I've been naff at the game for the past few days. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon.

  2. Yea it's a pain in the -Yoink-. Guarantee majority of the time at least one plater drops out.

  3. Looking for people to play with as opposed to randomers! Let me know if your down or add me! GT: Hobnob Legend

  4. Do you guys tend to play more arena or warzone? Myself I'm quite good at arena but suck at warzone!

  5. Join a Halo Clan

    Recruiting - Posted By Hobnob Legend On

    Hi I'm new to haloverse. Pretty consistent at the game and play regularly, just fed up of playing with randomers n want some players to chat woth for it to feel more immersive. From the UK and prefer to play arena modes (usually slayer); don't...