1. Halo 5 fun nights

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    Come join us every Friday night at 8pm est for some fun with HOPE Universal. Custom game modes and social arenas. Feel free to join the clan we are looking for more people to join up for the release of Infinite. If this interests you message myself or...

  2. HOPE Universal

    Recruiting - Posted By HopeXwhal3r3490 On

    Come join us tomorrow for halo 5 fun night. Custom games and social arenas 8pm est mic req

  3. HOPE Universal please refer to our post in the community recruitment thread. Currently looking to fill with players from social to officers. Please contact, HopeXdeadly, C0brastrike007, castfuzzball211 or HopeXwhal3r3490

  4. HOPE Universal

    Recruiting - Posted By HopeXwhal3r3490 On

    HOPE Universal Welcome, HOPE Universal is recruiting players for Halo 5 and MCC. We have leaders that have played Halo since CE was released, participated in and won tournaments, also make maps for us to play on. Everyone is welcome, no level...

  5. Hello again fellow spartans. We are still at it for recruiting more Spartans to come and play. We've been streaming our arena matches etc trying to get out name out there and show our activity. We dont have ranks or pre reqs to join besides a...

  6. Listen up Spartans, HOPE clan is now looking for more soldiers to join the front lines of battle. We are a small clan at the moment that has become active as of late. SR, competitive rank, and exp are not important for joining. A brain and headset for...