1. Hi I’m playing on an Xbox One X. Recently swapped out my old one as it was not working properly. HW2 was on my external drive so no new install. Tried to play and none of my leaders from the DLC show (all are locked). Have season pass and all DLC...

  2. Can you pls provide an update on timing for latest patch? Thanks!

  3. Whenever someone posts something like this I always look at their game history to see what went wrong and how they can improve. Individually, the team you played against built 39 units. 13 goliath and over 20 jump pack brutes and a couple of grunts...

  4. As the title states, the Goliath rush seems to be OP - especially in concert w any other rush. The time it takes for 6-8 Goliaths to destroy a tier 2 base seems too short.

  5. You need to nerf the building damage for the toxic pool attack from Voridus. It's WAY TOO strong against buildings, especially early on. It also lasts way too long and acts both as a barrier and area damage weapon