1. Somewhat disappointed to see that it's just going to be the same re-used map from regular Warzone. Would have been nice if they maybe recycled some of the campaign assets to change things up a little.

  2. More details about this will be released tomorrow, hopefully more specific info on how to get the pack on sunday and if there is still an 80K REQ Pack coming out.

  3. Sounds like a really solid idea for a bunch of different rewards, really love the amount of detail for each category. I'm still hoping for some kind of LASO challenge to be released like in Halo 4. Let's hope 343 see's this!

  4. This is what I'm going to assume: there are two packs. The one that is being given away for free by watching the finals on sunday and the other one which costs 80K REQ points.

  5. Well they have a few surprises, as I thought, for the HCS in just over a weeks time. See Bravo's response here :) Thanks for posting this, glad to see something is coming. I'm...

  6. Yeah wish someone would say so already, I want to get the first set of HCS stuff before the new set comes out.

  7. I'd prefer it this way too, but it's doubtful that they will go back to that style of unlocking armor because of how much money has been made from the current REQ system. Although if there is enough demand they might add some specific/unique...

  8. I'm expecting them to re-release the HCS Pack during or before/after the world championships. I really hope they do because a lot of people didn't get it the first time around.

  9. SWAT being removed?

    Legacy Halo - Posted By I MythicGear I On

    Regardless of it being popular and unpopular or not, SWAT should definitly should not be removed, it has been very popular throughout the Halo. And why don't they just keep the Playlists they add anyways? It doesn't make sense to give the...